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How Do You Apply Eyeshadow With Magnetic Eyelashes?

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Eyeshadow With Magnetic Eyelashes

Should Eyeshadow Be Applied Before False Lashes? 

There is a new billion-dollar question: which one comes first, the lashes or the eyeshadow? 

When wearing an extravagant eye look, you have to add some false lashes to tie it together and elevate the look, taking it to the next level and making it as fancy as it needs to be. Many professional and experienced makeup artists agree that eyeshadow and any glitter or sparkles should be applied to the eyelid before gluing down the false lashes. The residue that can be created when applying eyeshadow and glitter can get caught in your false lashes, causing them to get heavy and to look dusty, less clean, and less polished—nevertheless, not a look you want to achieve.  


Is The Same True For Magnetic Lashes? 

Yes! Magnetic lashes are still falsies, just made more convenient and more durable, thanks to their magnetic properties that make them almost effortless to apply and wear. Still, it is best to apply your eyeshadow before you apply your false magnetic lashes to keep them clean and polished and to keep the whole eye-look tidy. 



How to Apply Eyeshadow after False Eyelashes? 

Sometimes, you will have to apply your eye makeup after your eyelashes have already been applied. It could be anything; maybe you are making your eye makeup look more nighttime appropriate (and since our magnetic lashes are so durable, there is no need to take them off – they will stay on for extended periods of time or until removed), maybe you changed your mind about the look you are going for, maybe you have some last-minute date plans that you want to look your best for. Whatever the case is, there are some ways around the rule. Here are some tips and tricks on how to apply your eyeshadow after you have already applied your false lashes. 

  • Apply Your Eyeshadow Primer Carefully 

For your eyeshadow to stick well and last long, the first step of your eye makeup routine should be an eyeshadow primer. However, if your eyelashes are already applied, make sure to be very gentle. Tilt your head backward, and apply the primer over your eyelids with a synthetic brush. Point your brush downwards to avoid touching your eyelashes. If you are using your fingertips, which you can also do, make sure to be very careful when in the lash line area. 

  • Use A Fluffy Brush to Apply Eyeshadow

Now that the base is on, it is time for the eyeshadow! Again, you can pick whichever color you want, it is up to you, but the technique is the same. Use a fluffy, small brush, and gently apply the desired eyeshadow to your eyelids at a downward angle. Keep the brush away from the lashes and blend the eyeshadow well, taking it from the lids towards your eyebrows. 



  • Be Extra Careful with Glitter 

If you want to add some glitter, use a flat brush dipped in glitter glue or concealer and apply it carefully to your eyelids. Then, dip the same brush in glitter and dab it into the wet spot on your eyelid. The key here is a steady hand and being careful around the lash line.


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