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Quick & Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

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Halloween makeup ideas

Halloween is definitely the most exciting holiday there is, and the most fun part is allowing yourself to go all out and play around with fun makeup looks. Some know exactly who they are going as this year, but some are still looking for inspiration for their makeup look. To help you out, we have prepared a list of easy and fun Halloween makeup looks that are definitely going to get all of the attention this year.

Glamorous Devil

(by @mua_megdixon)

Take a white pencil and create a line over your forehead, chin, and nose. This line can be slightly wiggly, and it will separate two sides of your face: usual and devilish.  
Apply foundation to the normal side of your face, as well as a concealer under your eyes and bronzer.
Fill out the brow on that side of the face as well.
Next, apply red eyeshadow, blend well, and apply some black, winged eyeliner and smoke it out with black eyeshadow to create an ombre look.

Now for the fun part, the devilish side of your face! Use a glue stick and concealer to prime your eyebrows and make them invisible under the paint.
Then, use intense red body paint and apply it all over that side of your face. Finally, use black eyeshadow to create an intense, smokey look on that eye, as well as to thicken the line in the middle of your face.

Use a liquid liner with a fine tip to draw tiny cracks along the line in the middle of the face, making it more detailed and believable. Apply a gloss to your lips.

Finish of the look by easily and quickly applying Hypnotize Magnetic Lash Kit and get ready to thank everyone for their compliments!  


Glitter Clown 

(by @aditimakeup)

Apply your foundation, brightening concealer, and bronzer as you would normally for your everyday makeup.
Apply pink eyeshadow to your lid, and then add a purple shade over that to create some dimension and depth.
Use a flat brush to draw two lines from each corner of the eye – they should meet in the middle of your cheek. Do so for both eyes.

Line your lips with black liner, and connect the ends of your lips with the ends of the shapes previously created with purple eyeshadow. Colour the inside of that shape with pink eyeshadow, and don’t be afraid to pack it really well.

Draw small horns above your eyebrows using the same shade of pink eyeshadow. Draw a circle in the middle of your nose with purple eyeshadow.

Fill the pink shape with glue, very generously, and then pack the glitter in that area. Apply lipstick or lip-gloss of your choice, clear or in shades of purple.  

Elevate and finish off the look by applying Juicy Magnetic Lash Kit  and get ready to take some amazing pictures and steal the show!


Pastel Squeleton

(by @Taylahhealey)


Start by applying the glam vice pastel paradise (face & body art). These paints are UV paints, so they will light up in the dark. The result will look cool. Using this product put in a little bit of water and just put it on all over from your chest to your neck.

Use a fair few coats of purple glue stick to block out your brows then let it sit for a minute until it went completely clear before you went over anything else.
While waiting for them to dry, you can start making your skull mouth. Create the little teeth and the skull jaw with white colour.

Then do the same of what you did on your chest onto your head.
Use a brush over your brows putting white colour to get in between all the brows to block them so you can apply paint on the top of it. (recommend using powder to stop it from lifting)

Using a fine brush to go between the teeth just to give them more definition and to outline them to make them look like teeth. Use white paint to give some shape around the eyes to make them look hollow. Make three different curved lines around the eye socket and repeat this on the other side.

Same white paint using another eyeliner brush and create a wing just to give some definition to the eyes. Creating the nose shape with the same white paint.
For your eyelashes and giving an extra glam to your look. Apply the AddictaLash Magnetic Eyelashes style in Hypnotize. Start by drawing with the magnetic eyeliner onto your eyelids as close as possible to your lash bed. Let it slightly dry for a couple of seconds. Then, apply your magnetic lashes onto your lash line.
You'll feel how easy and quick the lashes are to apply! 

Our Lash recommendation for a Quick & Easy Halloween Makeup looks


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