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Tips for Even Winged Eyeliner - How to Apply Your Eyeliner Evenly Every Time

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How to do a wing with eyeliner

Tips for Even Winged Eyeliner

How to Apply Your Eyeliner Evenly Every Time


Makeup can be hard to master, but the ultimate task is perfecting the winged eyeliner. The task is made especially difficult by the fact that we have two eyes, and the eyeliner has to be applied well and evenly on both; even if you do an absolutely amazing job on your left eye, now you have to repeat that perfection on the right eye, for the makeup look to work. 

Many women end up shying away from even wearing eyeliner just because they are not sure they can apply it well enough. However, we are here to help with this issue! We have prepared some of the most useful tips on how to apply your eyeliner like a professional, evenly, every time! 



Use the Correct Setting

While you can apply sunscreen or lipstick in a moving car, in the subway, in the dark, and too far away from a mirror, the same is not true for eyeliner; it requires a proper, calm setting. So when it comes to applying eyeliner and doing so correctly, make sure you are sitting in front of a well-lit mirror (that you do not have to hold in your hands), in a calm environment, with as much time as possible. Being in a rush is the perfect eyeliner’s worst enemy. 


Support Your Elbows 

So many women make the mistake of trusting their hands way too much. Unless you are a heart surgeon, your hands are not as steady as you think they are, so make sure to support your elbows before starting to apply your eyeliner. Rest your elbows on the table while applying your eyeliner in the mirror; it will make your hand more stable and your lines more clean and precise. 



Use Tape 

For those new to eyeliner, and especially the liquid kind (which can be very tricky to master), try the tape trick. Stick a piece of tape below where you want your eyeliner line to be. The tape can be used as a tracking line when drawing the eyeliner on, and it can be removed once the eyeliner has been applied. Just make sure to let your eyeliner dry before you remove the tape.    


Clean Up After 

No one will get their eyeliner perfect and even on both sides on their first try. It is going to take some time, and a lot of practice, for you to perfect your technique. During this process, Q-tips will be your best friend- dip them in some makeup remover solution and remove all of the lines you do not want



If Everything Else Fails, Go For a Smokey Look 

There are some days when eyeliner refuses to work with you; the more nervous you are and the more times you try and try to get it right, the worse it looks. And now, you are running late! If this is the case, add some dark eyeshadow on your eyelids, blend it out with a brush, add some magnetic lashes to make the look more dramatic, and enjoy all the compliments you will get. 



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