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Why AddictaLash is vegan and animal free-testing?

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eyelashes vegan and cruelty-free


False lashes have become a very popular accessory in the cosmetics world and many women choose to adopt them for their special occasion make-up. You probably didn't know this, but if you're concerned about animal welfare, it might be urgent to choose carefully your eyelashes.

Indeed, a large part of the false eyelashes found on the market are made... from mink hair! These hairs were taken directly from the animal while it was still alive or after it was killed, following a life of terror and abuse on a fur farm.



Well, we can see that lashes market is becoming sensitive to the animal cause, and some brands try to reassure potential customers by explaining that their product is "cruelty-free" since the hair would have been collected from a respectable fur farm or that it was simply collected after the animal had been brushed.

This is obviously not the case.

Indeed, as several surveys conducted by PETA have already shown, American mink (the species used for intensive breeding, different from European mink) is confined to several individuals in tiny cages, in unhealthy conditions and without ever seeing the light of day. Driven mad by promiscuity and dirt, some minks end up eating each other.


AddictaLash are made only with high-quality synthetic fibres

Unfortunately, minks are the most exploited animals for their fur, far ahead of the fox and the raccoon dog. Fortunately, don't panic!

The design and materials of our magnetic eyelashes have been closely studied.

Comfortable and lightweight lashes, we offer different variants that are suitable for all with environmentally friendly materials. We only use high-quality synthetic fibres (faux-mink), which gives us the extreme privilege of being certified vegan with animal-free testing.

We are very passionate about beauty and will help you improve your look with our high-quality vegan magnetic eyelashes that you can order easily on our online store.





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